New IT Ordering Process
Posted by Vince Sutton on 18 October 2017 09:43 AM


We have recently reviewed the process for ordering IT equipment. As a result of this improvements have been made which should enable us to reduce the time it takes us to fulfil new requests.

The main element to the new process is that we now have immediate access to a number of key items such as desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones. We believe that this along with the new forms for requesting equipment (detailed below) will dramatically cut down lead times.

Log in then choose "Submit a Ticket" from the icons above then "IT Quote" where you will find 4 options;

Director Level IT Equipment                        -              This should only be used when requesting IT equipment for a Palletways UK employee of Director level.

                                                                                Please note that this is now one request per user and the users information must be provided if known. 

Non Director Level IT Equipment                 -              This can be used to request IT equipment for any Palletways UK employee.

                                                                               Please note that this is now one request per user and the users information must be provided if known. 

Palletways Owned Depots                           -              To be used by Palletways UK Owned depots for ordering Printers, Mobile phones, scanners etc... 

Palletways Members                                   -              This section should be used by Palletways UK member depots to order items such as scanners and label printers. 

Choose the correct option then select the equipment that you wish to order from the list.

Please ensure that you fill out all fields as this will enable us to process the order as quickly as possible.

For special requests you can still email but this should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding the new process please contact Connor Harrod or Vince Sutton.

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